Philadelphia Museum of Art's

Mexican Modernism:
Paint the Revolution

Art Direction + Design + UX Strategy

Subluxed, in collaboration with Tactable LLC., designed an interactive that allows up to three users to explore Diego Rivera's murals at life-size.

Users are given details to look for in parts of the mural. This mode of exploration helps visitors to gain a deep understanding of the, sometimes hidden, political metaphors in each panel. The experience is bilingual to support the exhibit being displayed in Philadelphia and Mexico City.


“Even huge, unmovable murals—still the most remarkable aspect of Mexican modernism—are present via three digital displays. The best one projects, in rotating panels, the courtyard façade of Mexico City’s Ministry of Public Education, which Rivera had covered with “Ballad of the Agricultural Revolution” (1926-27) and “Ballad of the Proletarian Revolution” (1928-29). An interactive display explains his powerful scenes and some of their characters (such as Henry Ford and John D. Rockefeller in “Wall Street Banquet”). It’s an excellent use of technology in an art museum.”

— The Wall Street Journal